Webinar: Help Kids Understand What They Read

I’m excited to share this free, 50-minute class on understanding and teaching reading comprehension. Originally recorded live for Learning Ally, the webinar was rerecorded so you can watch anytime.

In this dynamic, practical session, you’ll learn proven strategies to unlock children’s reading comprehension. Together, we’ll explore the best tools and strategies for helping children understand, remember, and enjoy what they read. You’ll learn:

  • How to use YouTube to help kids understand and remember what they read.
  • Why sticky notes are essential for students who forget text.
  • What Calvin & Hobbes can teach us about motivation to read.

Selected Links

Part I – Overview of Reading Comprehension Processes

Part II – Best Practices

Part III – Addressing Language Comprehension Problems

Questions & Additional Resources

You can view the companion article on the reading comprehension resources and tools that I use every day with students.

During the live recording we ran over by 30 minutes, since there were dozens of questions. You’re invited to share your questions in the comments, so we can keep the conversation going.


5 Replies to “Webinar: Help Kids Understand What They Read”

  1. Hi Anne-Marie,

    Yes please I would be grateful if you could record more of these webinars/classes like the one above so I can watch them at later dates.

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Sorry Anne-Marie I should have told you that I am in Australia and sometimes the time difference converts to say 4 in the morning.

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