You’ve got 20 minutes to eat your lunch, prep for your next student, and write new IEP goals. Who’s got the time to create another game or master another intervention program?

It’s exhausting. I know. I’ve been there. That’s why we share these field-tested, student-approved materials.

Welcome to the Bay Tree Blog store where we feature research-based programs and materials. It’s all just a click away. Instantly access the materials you need to motivate and reach all kinds of learners.

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The b/d Reversal Repair Workbook

Get rid of stubborn b/d reversal problems-including reading transpositions and spelling mistakes. Reversal Repair features a unique combination of working memory intervention, multi-sensory practice, and essential motivational techniques to target the root cause of reversals. See results in fewer than 12 sessions and see lasting changes in just weeks. Children feel confident about their literacy skills when they master this basic skill.

Created specially for children with learning disabilities and difficulties like dyslexia and ADHD, this intervention is designed for targeted one-on-one intervention. If your students keep reversing the letters B and D past age 9, they need help. Effectively cut through letter confusion, while reinforcing key reading and literacy skills. Students have more important things to focus on than remembering their B’s and D’s.

Featuring 30 daily lessons, Reversal Repair is simple and easy to use. Perfect for busy parents, teachers, educational therapists, or tutors. Download today and you can get started in fewer than five minutes. Take the guesswork out of reversal intervention. Learn more… 

The Mix-And-Match Blending Board Book of Animals

We hate to admit it, but sometimes phonemic awareness instruction is, well, a bit of a bore. Banish the phonemic awareness blahs and watch student engagement soar. Using blending boards, students practice the two essential phonemic awareness skills – blending and segmenting – to build a strong foundation for reading success.

Now with seven full-color animals, your students can create over 300 wacky combination-creatures. Give your students the power to craft their own animals. Happy, motivated kids = happy, motivated teachers.

What is a blending board, you ask? Learn more… 

The Number Reversals Workbook

How would you like your students to eliminate number reversals in a matter of weeks? Our new research-based Number Reversals Workbook is the first workbook that addresses an underlying problem that can cause number reversals. You can watch math learning accelerate as your students master number formation. Finally, your students can focus on crucial math concepts instead of handwriting hang-ups.

Here’s how it works: the Number Reversals Workbook uses research-tested memory cues. These specialized prompts show students how to form numbers in a way that sticks for children with dyslexia and working memory challenges. It’s the fast and easy way to build the visual and kinesthetic memory essential to correct number formation.

Why is the Number Reversals Workbook so effective? Learn more… 

The Phonemic Awareness Solution for Blending

Comic Strip Speech Bubbles

Finally, an instructional program for students with dyslexia and learning differences!

How would you like to supercharge your literacy instruction, boosting your students’ reading and spelling skills? After decades of investigation, research has revealed the secret to early reading success: phonemic awareness instruction.

But here’s the problem. Many reading programs aren’t designed for struggling learners. They aren’t created for the 20% of kids who don’t develop phonemic awareness unless they’re taught explicitly.

The Phonemic Awareness Solution gives you the tools you need to teach blending, an essential phonemic awareness skill. It’s designed to engage all types of learners, especially those with dyslexia, ADHD, learning differences, and language-based learning disabilities. It’s chock-full of kid-friendly activities that accelerate literacy achievement.

What’s included in this program? Learn more… 

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