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Welcome to Bay Tree Blog!

I’m Anne-Marie Morey, a board certified educational therapist. My husband and I created this blog to share the very best information on the web for educating and supporting children with learning disabilities.

When I first started teaching kids with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, it seemed as though I was working with kids with insurmountable challenges. How on earth was I going to help these students make real changes? How could I do more than just dole out Band-Aids? Heck, it seemed like half the time, I was working hard just to get the student to sit in the chair!

That’s when I discovered educational therapy. It was my lightbulb moment! Intensive, explicit, rigorous teaching wasn’t enough. It’s a great foundation, but to truly help these students succeed, they needed me to empathize, play, and recognize their talents.

I started Bay Tree Blog so I could share the most effective methods that work for my students:

Thank you so much for joining me here. We’ve got a big job on our hands, but I think together we can make a big difference.





Anne-Marie Morey, M.A.
Board Certified Educational Therapist